Dating Coaching

Do you need personal coaching to sort through the complexities of finding, attracting and keeping love in your life?  


If you’re ready to find or improve your happily ever after, you might need to learn a certain set of skills, understand the opposite sex, (I can even “translate” men for you), and stop making the same classic mistakes we all make. 


I entered the dating world at the age of 50 and quickly realized (as many of us do) I didn't know the first thing about dating. I became a certified dating coach, and realized that the best way to attract a man was to be myself. I can help you: 

  • gain more clarity for what you want in a relationship.  

  • help you heal from previous relationships and move on.  

  • understand the opposite sex in order to experience more love and connection in your life. 

  • create or boost your on line profile so you can stand out

  • work on problems or challenges in your current relationship

Online Dating Profiles

Get writer's block when you try to write your online dating profile? Have no idea what to say to present yourself in the best way on an online dating site?  This is your 'first impression' so let me help you write a glowing online profile that grabs attention, and possibly a potential mate! Fill out the form below for my rates and more information.

Understanding Men

World-renowned relationship expert Alison Armstrong and author of The Queen's Code, leads workshops all over the world. Check out her online course for Understanding Men.  

You’ll learn:

  • How we bring out the worst in men

  • How we alienate men and drive them away

  • How to get men to reveal themselves

  • How to speak to be heard

  • How to get men to act, without nagging or manipulation


  • Getting what you most need and desire from men

  • Appreciating men and yourself more

  • Really understanding men and knowing how to communicate with them

  • Falling in love with all men...